Navigating Horizons: LUMS NOP's Journey of Inspiration in Faisalabad and Environs


Embarking on a journey of inspiration and empowerment, the LUMS NOP Outreach team recently concluded their visit to Faisalabad, Toba Tek Singh, Jhang, Chenab Nagar and Shorkot.

In this impactful venture, the team touched base with a total of five cities, engaging with fifteen colleges and inspiring a total of 965 students.

Unveiling brilliance, our highlights included a session at TNF Akhuwat Boarding School Faisalabad, marking the inception of our capacity-building and NOP Awareness Sessions in the community school. Beyond boundaries, we empowered students from humanities backgrounds, encouraging them to explore the expansive opportunities within the MGSHSS program at LUMS. Guiding pre-medical students to diverse horizons, we opened doors to a world of possibilities at LUMS.


The team visited different schools and colleges including DPS Boys and Girls, DPS Premier Campus, Government Graduate College Toba Tek Singh, Punjab Group of Colleges Girls, Punjab Group of Colleges Boys, Aspire College, National College, Chenab College Boys, Chenab College Girls, Nusrat Jahan Boys, Government College Nusrat Jahan Girls , Chenab College Shorkot and Punjab Group of Colleges.

Our commitment extended to empowering educators through a dedicated training session, equipping teachers and student counsellors with valuable insights for navigating the SCS application for 2024. In every interaction, we witnessed the spark of curiosity, the flame of ambition, and the spirit of collaboration. The impact made in Faisalabad resonates far beyond the numbers, echoing in the hearts and minds of students and educators alike. 

Here's to the transformative power of education and the limitless potential it unlocks! #LUMSNOP #InspireEmpowerTransform

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