NOP Summer Coaching Session 2022

NOP Summer Coaching Session 2022

The wheels were set in motion as the summer dawned for another exciting yet grueling NOP Summer Coaching Session. After a two-year online stint, NOP Summer Coaching Session (SCS) 2022 started with the same zeal but amplified energy this year. This year's coaching session was filled with a lively spirit of trying new things and creating new experiences for the participants and those administering the entire session.

The NOP has witnessed continued success after building on the NOP Online Application System in its fifth year of operation, receiving 10,292 applications for the SCS, another milestone achieved by the team. After a gruelling and rigorous verification process, 727 participants from far-flung areas of Pakistan were invited for the session, out of which 686 accepted the invitation while 650 finally made it to the campus. In keeping with the magnitude of participants, a dedicated team of volunteers was engaged and invited one week before the commencement of the session for training and operational purposes.

Registration Day kicked off and witnessed many energetic students enter the LUMS campus. With 413 males and 237 females hailing from cities such as Zhob, Pishin, Waziristan, Tharparkar, Dara Adam Khel, Umer Kot, Qila Abdullah, Quetta, Kasur, Skardu, Hunza, Chitral, Malakand Division, Azad Jammu Kashmir, Rajanpur, DG Khan and Bahawalpur; this year's coaching session too, proved to be as diverse as was in previous years. A vast majority: approximately 99% of the participants were from outside of Lahore and hence were staying on campus for the session.

After a detailed orientation session, students were engaged in a 15-day packed schedule designed to stimulate their academic, mental, and physical growth and enrich them with wholesome extra-curricular experiences. The NOP Team also added Critical Thinking and Presentation Skills Classes to inculcate the participants' conceptual thinking and public speaking skills. Simultaneously, lab sessions were organized to acquaint students with the basics of digital management including filling out Financial Aid applications.

Interspersed between classes, attendees could listen to some of the brightest minds in and outside LUMS through various motivational talks. Dr. Adam Zaman from SBASSE educated the attendees about the multiple disciplines and majors offered at LUMS, while Dr. Haniya Azam inspired students to identify the gifts within them. LUMS Alumni Dilkasha Tarannum and Sharjeel Shahab spoke of their journeys at LUMS and encouraged students to face their fears and be their own competition.

The session's first significant event kicked off with the academic gameshow 'Challenge Your Talent', whereby students engaged in educational and enjoyable activities, winning fun prizes. A movie screening event followed this to reinforce the necessity of maintaining a work-life balance.

The Sports Gala took place in the second week of the session, highlighting the importance of physical activity and providing students with the chance to engage in sports such as badminton, table tennis, cricket, volleyball, football, and basketball. In addition, the Scavenger Hunt put their guessing game to the test, specifically organized to increase female participation. The event saw multiple teams of 20 to 30 girls solving clues scattered across the campus to obtain the grand prize.

Finally, a Drama and Music Night ensued where attendees participated in showing off their acting and singing skills in front of their peers. Participation in all the organized events was unprecedented, and feedback received on the ground was highly positive.

In conclusion, NOP is exceptionally grateful to all the stakeholders who helped make this session a success. We can confidently say that the unparalleled academic coaching merged with a diverse set of soft skills and extra-curricular activities has not only set the foundation for applying to LUMS but has equipped the participants with the skills they shall utilize in all spheres of their academic careers. We look forward to seeing our attendees taking life head-on and fearlessly working towards their dreams.

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