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National Outreach Programme
What subjects do you offer in NOP?

NOP is not a course; it's a scholarship that LUMS offers at the undergraduate (Bachelors) level.

When do I apply to the NOP?

The best time to register is when you are in your first year of FA/ FSc. The selection process takes more than a year so by the time you finish your intermediate, and you are selected, you will be able to start your undergraduate classes at LUMS. For example, if you register for the National Outreach Programme Summer Coaching Session for the year 2024, you will be able to join the Undergraduate Programme at LUMS in September 2025

Is there any other way for second year Intermediate students to apply for NOP and save time as well?

Second year students have the option of applying through the regular admission process. You would need to fill out the online Undergraduate Admission Application. You would also need to fill the Financial Aid section within the application. If you get admission in LUMS, your case will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee. In case the committee decides that the student qualifies for more than a 100% scholarship, he/ she will be awarded the NOP scholarship which includes but is not limited to hostel accommodation expenses, book allowance and living allowance.

Who can apply for this scholarship?

NOP is a need based scholarship. Only those students who can establish their eligibility as genuinely deserving candidates with 80% and above marks in matriculation and equivalent in O Levels are considered.

Does the admission criterion for NOP candidates differ from those who are applying through the regular admission process?

No. LUMS does not compromise on merit. NOP candidates have to fulfill the same academic criteria as other students applying through regular stream.

Every year how many students do you induct into the LUMS Undergraduate Programmes through NOP?

We do not have any annual quota for inducting the students through NOP into the LUMS Undergraduate Programmes. All candidates who fulfill the NOP eligibility criteria and qualify on LUMS merit are offered admission into the Undergraduate Programmes through the NOP Scholarship. Moreover, the NOP does not have any provincial or city based quota. That is, a student coming from any part of the country can make it to LUMS as long as that particular student meets the LUMS admission criteria.

Online Summer Coaching Application
How do we find the application for the NOP?

The link for the NOP Online Application is given within the ‘How to Apply’ section on our webpage. You can also access the application through the following link:

How do I create my NOP Online Application Account?

Please log on to the application domain and click on ‘Download Instructions’. Read though the document carefully and then proceed to filling out your form. All fields marked with an asterisk must be filled.

Do I have to pay to apply to the NOP and do I need to take any test?

There is no charge or fees to apply for the NOP, you can freely create your account and submit your application. There is also no ‘test’ to apply, the NOP Centre will be matching your application with our eligibility criteria. In order to be eligible to apply you must have 80% or above in Matric/O-Levels and have the basis of financial need.

I have created my Account but have not received my Username and Password, what should I do?

Once you submit your information for creating an account you shall receive an Account Creation email. Within this email there is a link, please click on the provided link. The email also contains your username and password. After clicking on the link, you can enter those and begin filling out your online application. Make sure that you check your junk/spam folder in case any emails land up there.

What kind of photo do I need to submit in the Application?

Your photograph must be under 2MB, it should have a clear white or blue background and should be either passport size or 2x2 inches in order for your upload to be successful. Please refer to the photo uploading instructions given within the application as well.

What does the application mean when it is asking about my guardian?

Your guardian is any family member who supports you financially. This can be your father, mother, brother, sister, cousin or uncle. If your father or mother is your guardian you must write the same information within the guardian fields.

If I do not have a landline number how should I proceed?

If you do not have a landline number you can provide another valid mobile number.

If I have not yet completed my First Year exams how should I fill out the Academic Record section?

If you have not yet given your First Year Intermediate/A-Level exams please click on the ‘Result Awaiting’ box within the section.

If I receive a certain amount of Scholarship from my school/college how should I write down my Annual Fee?

You will have to write down the Annual Fee amount, the amount given to you as a scholarship and once you minus these two figures, the remaining amount will be your Parents’ Contribution towards your education.

How many references should I provide and who can be my reference?

You can provide up to 2 references within the application. They must be authentic educational figures, such as your principal or teachers, who know you personally.

When providing information about siblings do I need to make a separate record for myself as well?

Since you have already provided all your personal information in the previous sections of the application, you do not need to include yourself when giving information about your siblings.

If my sibling is working but does not contribute to the household income how should I fill out my financial information?

Since your sibling is not contributing in any way to the household income his/her income will not be considered as part of your family’s annual income.

If an asset owned by my family is also shared by my extended family i.e. uncle, aunt, how should I proceed?

Please choose the ‘Shared’ option when asked about Asset Ownership within the application.

Is there any way of viewing my application before submission?

Yes please download the PDF of your application through the ‘Print Application PDF’ tab so that you can check any errors within your application before submission.

Can I make changes to my application after submission?

No, you will not be able to make any changes once your application is submitted. Hence please check all your information before submission. However if you have made an error please write to and you shall be guided accordingly.

How will I know what documents I need to send?

After you submit your application you will be presented with a Document Checklist from which you will have to upload all the documents that are applicable to you before the deadline.

On what address will I need to courier the documents?

After application submission you will find a Mailing Label on the right hand side of your account. Please download the label, print it out and paste it onto the package containing all your documents. The address given on the label is the address the documents will be couriered to.

When will I be informed about my selection/non-selection?

Since the NOP Summer Coaching Session takes place in the summer of every year (July/August) all applicants will be intimated about their selection status by May/June via email.

NOP Summer Coaching Session
How can a student avail scholarship if he/ she does not get shortlisted for the Summer Coaching Session?

NOP is an option that facilitates brilliant and deserving students to apply at LUMS. If a student is not shortlisted or is unable to clear the Summer Coaching Session then that particular student can still apply to LUMS for admission and can avail this scholarship through the regular admission process. For that they would need to fill out the online Undergraduate Admission and Financial Aid Application. If he/ she clears the Admission Testing requirements and merit criteria and is granted admission to LUMS, then his/ her case will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee. If the committee decides that the student qualifies for more than a 100% scholarship, he/ she may be awarded the NOP scholarship.

Are the selected students from Summer Coaching Session guaranteed admission in LUMS Undergraduate Programmes?

No, these students are not guaranteed admission. They will have to qualify on merit by performing well in their Intermediate/ A-Levels and the LUMS Admission Test. We admit students purely on the basis of merit through a very transparent and competitive process. The objective of this whole NOP Programme is to guide and mentor those who are talented and cannot afford the high cost of studying at LUMS. This will help them for applying to LUMS Programmes and meeting our admission standards.

What is the purpose of the NOP Summer Coaching Session?

The objective of this Summer Coaching Session is to prepare the short-listed candidates for the upcoming Admission Tests and to give them a hands on experience of life at LUMS.

In which city is this Summer Coaching Session usually organized?

We have been conducting this session for many years at the LUMS Campus which is located in Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Cantt, Lahore.

After joining the Summer Coaching Session how can students manage their regular Intermediate classes?

The Summer Coaching Session is arranged during the summers; in July and August when intermediate students are on vacation after their first year exams.

What if I am shortlisted but cannot attend the Summer Coaching Session?

If a student fails to attend the Summer Coaching Session, his/ her admission application will not be processed through National Outreach Programme Stream. But he will have the option to apply through Regular Admissions & Financial Aid Stream.

What is the criterion of shortlisting students from the Summer Coaching Session?

All of the participants are shortlisted on the basis of their performance in the Summer Coaching Session. Student's performance is evaluated on factors such as class participation, performances in the tests as well as quizzes, conduct in the class, punctuality, discipline etc. All classes during the Summer Coaching Session are mandatory for the participating students.

Admissions Test
Is there a test to apply for LUMS Undergraduate Admissions

LUMS Admission requirements are updated every year and information is made available to applicants about which test they will be required to take.

What is the AdmissionTest?

LCAT stands for LUMS Common Admission Test. For more information you can visit
SAT stands for the Scholastic Aptitude Test. It is a standardized test offered by the American Testing Authority called College Board for students of 12th Grade or Equivalent. For more information, you can visit the following website:

Can we appear in any other aptitude test for admission to LUMS Undergraduate Programmes

For details on Admission testing requirements, please visit the following link:

What subjects are tested in the Admission Test

The LCAT tests a student’s English and Mathematics skills.

What is the duration of the admission test

Information on the LCAT is available on the following link:

The SAT with Essay is a 3 hour 50-minute exam (including an optional essay which takes 50 minutes), consisting of five sections: Reading, Writing, Math (with calculator), Math (no calculator), and Essay (optional). However, for admission to LUMS students have to opt for SAT with Essay.

Are there any breaks between the Test?

Yes, the breaks are usually in between different sections 

What stationary is required on the test day?

Passport is compulsory for the test without which you won't be allowed to sit for the test. Moreover, a calculator and 2b pencil are required.

LUMS Online Admission Application
How does the admission process proceed after the Summer Coaching Session?

After getting shortlisted on the basis of their performance in the Summer Coaching Session, submission of the financial need assessment form, attending the Online Module of the Summer Coaching, and filing an application for LUMS Undergraduate Admissions, these students are registered for the admission test. Test Registration and Application Processing Fee for the Undergraduate Programmes is waived off for successful candidates. It is necessary for all successful candidates to apply for Financial Aid in their online admission application and to appear in the applicable admission tests. Finally, the NOP applicants who are offered admission at LUMS are interviewed by the NOP Committee in order to conduct a personality assessment and financial aid review after which they are granted the NOP Scholarship award.

What is the process of filling out the online admission application?

For detailed information, please visit 

Do I need to apply for Financial Aid in my online admission application?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary for state that yes they require financial assistance within the online admission application if they want to be considered for the award of scholarship. Once Admission is granted to an applicant, then their Financial Aid request will be processed. For financial aid queries you can write to 

Who can I get in touch with in case I have queries related to the Online Admission Application?

You can write to if you have any queries related to the Online Admission Application.