LUMS NOP Visits DG Khan


The LUMS NOP Team embarked on a transformative journey to South Punjab, leaving a trail of inspiration and hope. In both the Fazilpur and DG Khan campuses of Daanish Schools, teachers and principals eagerly participated in the session alongside students, demonstrating their commitment to nurturing bright minds.



Post-session, principals motivated students to seize the scholarship opportunity at LUMS, emphasizing its unparalleled quality of education. With a focus on inclusivity, priority was given to financially challenged students from government colleges, engaging with over 750 students collectively.



Principals pledged support by granting access to Computer Labs and Libraries for application preparation. Furthermore, dedicated English and Math teachers were appointed to guide students in clearing the LUMS LCAT test, ensuring equal opportunities for all. The impact of this outreach resonates deeply, heralding a brighter future for aspiring scholars in South Punjab.



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