LUMS NOP Outreach Impacts Communities in Multan, surrounding areas


Embarking on a journey of educational empowerment, the LUMS NOP Outreach Team recently visited several cities, including Multan, Khanewal, Jahanian, and Shujabad, connecting with students and educators across various campuses.

In Multan, we engaged with students from Muslim College Boys Campus, Muslim College Girls Campus, Muslim College Rasheed Campus, KIPS College Multan, City College Multan, Admire College Multan, and Star College Multan. Similarly, in Khanewal, our team interacted with students from KIPS College, Hawks College, Ripha International College, and Govt. Higher Secondary School Khanewal. We also visited Punjab College for Boys and Girls in Jahanian, as well as KIPS College and Professors College in Shujabad.

During our engagements, which collectively involved over 1,140 students, we provided valuable insights into the social sciences and humanities programs offered at MGSHSS at LUMS. We encouraged pre-medical students to consider diverse fields for their academic and professional growth, broadening their horizons beyond traditional paths.

Moreover, we conducted comprehensive training sessions for teachers and student counsellors, equipping them with the necessary tools to assist students in navigating the SCS application process effectively. These sessions aimed to streamline the application process and ensure that deserving candidates receive the support they need to pursue higher education.

In addition to our interactions with students and educators, we met with stakeholders to discuss and resolve the general issues students face throughout the NOP Scholarship process. These discussions were instrumental in identifying areas for improvement and ensuring a smoother experience for future applicants.

As we continue our endeavor of empowering talented youth across Pakistan, our steadfast dedication to nurturing partnerships and fostering avenues for academic and personal development remains resolute. Together, we are forging a path towards a brighter future for the upcoming generations.

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