Dr. Asad completed his Ph.D. in Economics on Fulbright Scholarship from Iowa State University in June 2020. He has since worked on multiple research areas in close collaboration with government and non-governmental counterparts. His broad area of research interest includes the economic development of low- and middle-income countries with a specific focus on fiscal sustainability, the efficient functioning of markets, and the economic inclusion of marginalized groups. He is particularly interested in using behavioral insights to inform policy. Most of Dr. Asad's research is motivated by the desire to contribute to policy and implementation. He has worked closely with Pakistan's tax authorities at national and sub-national levels. His work on agriculture values chains is conducted in partnership with the Agriculture Department of Punjab, Pakistan government, ensuring the research is grounded to inform policy. In addition, Dr. Asad has worked in various roles, including as a tax expert for a think tank, policy analyst/principal investigator for state governments, advisor for a behavioral insights unit in Pakistan, and consultant for an advocacy group. In these roles, he has been responsible for conducting economic research, writing reports, and providing policy recommendations. 

URL: https://sherafghanasad.com/policy-work/

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