Maryam Ibrahim is a Human Geographer and Assistant Professor in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. She completed her PhD in Geography within the research stream of Environment, Politics and Development. Her research focuses on urban development, housing and forms of gender exclusion within cities. Her past and ongoing work includes a policy focus with various forms of spatial and data analyses, population and housing analyses and urban and environmental policy and planning projects. Her publications include exploration of gender disconnects in urban improvement programmes for katchi abadis, urban population analysis of Punjab, housing needs assessment for Punjab and a study of Lahore’s urban growth patterns.

Publications and Contributions:
- Housing Chapter of the Punjab Spatial Strategy 2040, The Urban Unit
- Punjab Cities Growth Atlas, The Urban Unit
- Lahore Growth – Past and Future, The Urban Gazette -The Urban Unit, January Issue, 2018.

Upcoming Publications:
- Face mask compliance and complacency amongst Pakistan’s youth durng the third wave of COVID-19
- Analysing Pakistan’s urban housing policies and the focus on gendered issues – 1947-2020.
- Why is it important to have a gender inclusive approach to urban improvement programmes?
- Exploring the gender disconnect in improvement interventions for low-income settlements in Lahore.