I am a development economist with interests in education, human development, and political economy. I regularly teach quantitative research methods (econometrics) to undergraduate and graduate students at LUMS. Earlier, I have also taught development, data science and microeconomics. My work often requires the use of empirical methods with rich micro-data from household and community surveys to study issues ranging from poverty and vocational skills to political competition and learning outcomes in schools. I am actively engaged in several research collaborations with policy impact and continue to present my work at international as well as local academic and policy forums. Within the context of our work on education, my colleagues and I have worked with private schools as well as government education departments to evaluate interventions designed to improve student learning outcomes.

I am a Research Fellow at the Center for Economic Research in Pakistan (CERP) and an Associate Fellow at the Institute for Development and Economic Alternatives (IDEAS). I am also a member of the Econometric Society, European Economic Association, and the Consortium for Development Policy Research (CDPR). I have served as a member on the technical committee of experts advising Pakistan Bureau of Statistics on the design and execution of the Population Census 2017. 

I hold a BSc from LUMS and a MA and PhD in economics from Yale University.

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