Dr. Chaudhry is an Electrical Engineer with over 34 years of experience in electric utility industry, consulting engineering and academic environments. He specializes in areas of energy policy, power system planning and operation, restructuring of electric utilities, electricity markets, smart grid solutions, project, program and utility management. Prior to joining LUMS as Professor of Practice, he was MD, NTDC and held other senior management and practice lead positions in multiple electric utilities and two consulting engineering firms. He is founding Director of LUMS Energy Institute and also holds distinguished position of Siemens Verner-Von Chair. He supervises applied research projects for the electric utility industry and developing many technical and technology transfer courses for capacity building of professionals in Pakistan’s Power Sector. He authored hundreds of technical reports and articles, given numerous technical talks and delivered keynote addresses and speeches internationally.

He led small and large teams to develop transmission system expansion, integration, operation and investment plans for countries, regions, utilities, Transmission Owners, Independent System Operators, and Independent Power Producers – worth billions of dollars. In his management, advisory and technical roles, he developed business, operating and strategic plans for departments/divisions of his responsibility, negotiated contract agreements of large scale transmission projects, prepared and supervised regulatory applications for bulk transmission projects and successfully presented these to utility boards and government entities. He possesses profound experience in working with consultants, utility boards, government and International Funding Agencies for developing and implementing long-term power infrastructure projects. Throughout his professional career, he has managed hundreds of small and large scale transmission planning, feasibility, integration, operation, and technology application projects around the globe including Canada, USA, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, New Caledonia, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Uganda, and Pakistan.

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