Dr. Javed received her Doctorate in Computer Science from UC Berkeley in 2016 with focus of research on Internet Security and Measurement. She then spent a year as a post-doc at the International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley. She holds her bachelors degree from National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan.

Dr. Javed is a data enthusiast at heart, interested in harnessing the power of data science to solve problems with real world impact. Her research interests include:

  • Internet Security & Privacy
  • Internet Measurement
  • Data Science for Social Good

Her primary line of research focuses on understanding the behavior of attackers and developing practically deployable solutions to fight cyber threats. Some of the problems she has looked at include: detection of credential theft, stealthy and distributed attacks, stealthy data exfiltration via DNS tunnels, detection of tracking identifiers, and measuring the impact of Internet censorship.

Her industry experience and fellowships include the Data Science for Social Good Program at the University of Chicago (2016), Microsoft Research, Redmond (2014), and Impermium (2013 - acquired by Google).

Her awards and honors include Distinguished Paper Award at USENIX Security 2017 and the Internet Defense Prize 2017 ($100K award by Facebook).  She also serves on the technical program committees of several top Internet security and measurement conferences (IMC, SIGCOMM, and USENIX Security).

She takes a keen interest in social impact and was a Data Science for Social Good (DSSG) Fellow at the University of Chicago in 2016, where she worked with the Government of Mexico to help mitigate poverty through data science. Dr. Javed is also the co-founder of GradApp Lab, Pakistan, a mentoring
program that connects aspiring graduate school applicants with mentors abroad.

In her leisure time, Dr. Javed enjoys running, hiking, traveling, and practicing yoga. She is a long-distance runner and has participated in the San Francisco half marathon and Big Sur Relay runs.

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