Haseeb Ahsan Javed is a National Outreach Program (NOP) scholar, who recently graduated from LUMS, completing his BA-LL.B (Honors).

"Law was the last choice on my priority list when I applied to LUMS. I was least interested in pursuing this degree.  However, despite my personal inclinations, I decided to study law (a decision which I certainly do not regret) because the National Outreach Program was the only hope for me to continue my education and obtain a degree from a renowned institution."

BSc (Honours) Economics and Politics

Being the youngest in the family and with the elder two sibings already getting expensive education, I knew it would be hard for my parents to afford my higher education at a good university. They were already under heavy debt because of my brothers' higher studies in England. After being a topper in my school and breaking a 40 year record of highest marks ever, I had to study hard in college as well in order to pursue my higher education. I was in college when I heard about LUMS through the NOP team, who visited to give a brief about the scholarship programme. When I visited LUMS...

BSc Accounting and Finance

I was born in a village named Pir Abad which is located in Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa province of Pakistan. My father has worked as a laborer in a construction company in United Arab Emirates for thirty three years. My parents had always laid great importance on my education that’s why I always wanted to work very hard and peruse education from a reputable university that’s why I worked very hard to secure my admission in LUMS.

   My four years at LUMS were very fruitful. I did well in studies was placed on...

BSc (Honours) Economics and Maths

During my Intermediate, I came to know about the LUMS National Outreach Programme (NOP) when the NOP team came to Sadiq Public School to give a presentation about the programme. I applied for the programme, attended the summer coaching session at LUMS, and was fortunate to get the NOP scholarship. It was because of this scholarship that I got the opportunity to study at one of the most prestigious universities of the country which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible because of my family’s limited resources.


BSc Economics

My family lives in Quetta and I am the eldest of the four siblings in our family. My father used to run a small cafeteria in my home city and is now working as a room attendant in a hotel.

I heard about LUMS for the first time back in 2004 when I was in 8th grade studying in Balochistan Residential College, Loralai. It was that day when I aimed of being admitted to LUMS and I worked very hard to achieve my dream.

I consider my time at LUMS neither a success nor a failure. During my four...


I was raised in an inimitable family milieu; where we lived in a joint family system of 36, my father is the eldest in his 14 married siblings (9 brothers and 5 sisters). All families were dependent on grandfather’s crockery shop as single source of income. We are 4 siblings and it was unmanageable for me to continue education, as my father was already having tough time paying tuition fees of my 2 brothers for their MBA’s from IBA and PAF kiet Karachi. So, I learned to survive in an unusual way, where my hardships became my inspirations and my...