Shaheera Tahir

Shaheera Tahir

Passing Year: 

I, coming from a humble background, five sisters, residing in area behind one of the gates of the walled city of Lahore, graduating from LUMS, was no less than a wonder. The journey began when I read on the website of LUMS that there is a program named “National Outreach Program” which caters to the underprivileged students. I told my parents about this opportunity and they encouraged me to apply. Moreover, I cleared the entrance exam and got opportunity to attend Summer Coaching Session. During coaching session, I was amazed by the classroom teaching style, openness to various opinions and debates on concepts among students and teachers.

When I got admitted to LUMS co-education system, I got the opportunity to interact with students of the opposite gender. I learnt to carry myself within them; the intellectual and personal grooming the university offered through its competitive classroom learning environment, instigated the confidence in me.

During the course of my four year stay at LUMS, I happened to make lifelong friendships and meet people from all over Pakistan. Furthermore, because of LUMS I was privileged enough to get shortlisted for the Coca Cola MENA scholarship program. Currently I am working as an Accounts and Finance Officer for a German Technical Consultancy firm.  

I believe that I would not have been the same person if I had not been associated with LUMS.