Muhammad Waqas Ghouri

Muhammad Waqas Ghouri

BSc (Honours) Economics
Passing Year: 

I have 3 siblings, a brother and two sisters. My father worked in a private company as an accountant. At times, my dad worked 2-3 jobs to provide basic necessities for the family. I grew up in a small 2 bed room rental house in Lahore. During my FSc, father saw the LUMS National Outreach Programme (NOP) ad in Jang newspaper in his office. Back then, I was not even aware that there is an institution called LUMS. My father had heard about LUMS and his understanding was that it’s for the children from elite class of the society. My dad’s salary for 3 months was less than LUMS fee for a quarter. When I went for the initial test at LUMS, I was blown away by the building, infrastructure and pretty much everything. For a moment, I didn’t believe that it’s a Pakistani institute. I was fortunate to be shortlisted for the coaching session at LUMS.

The Coaching Session and living in the LUMS hostel was a great experience.  I made it through the summer coaching session and even aced my academic exams so I was admitted to LUMS for the 2003-2007 academic session. My parents accompined me to LUMS on my Orientation Day. For myself, my parents and our humble living style, LUMS was way too fancy and modern. My overall LUMS experience was fantastic. In the beginning, I had problems with English and my confidence level was very low, but the great thing about LUMS is that it does not only teach you academic stuff, but also builds your personality. During my time at LUMS, I was part of the LUMS Literary Society, LUMS Entrepreneur Society and LUMS Adventure Society.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics with a minor in Mathematics. After graduation, I secured a fully funded scholarship and got admission in Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. During 2008, I secured the Ontario Graduate Fellowship, awarding me $8000. In 2009, I completed my Masters in Economics with concentration in Econometrics and Finance. My first job was with RISI, an international forest products consultant company where I worked as an Economist for the company and managed to publish a number of economic analysis and forecasting reports. While working for RISI, I travelled extensively through USA and Canada for client presentations and conferences. Since June 2013, I have been working with the Ministry of the Economy, Saskatchewan Canada as a Senior Analyst. I was also nominated for the Premier’s Award of Excellence in Public Service in 2014. Moreover, based on my one year, on job performance, I was selected among the top 25 potential leaders (out of 600 employees) to attend a one year “Management Development Program (MDP)”. The MDP was offered by Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy, Public Service Commission and Johnson-Shoyama School of Public Policy, University of Regina.

Currently, I am also representing the Ministry of the Economy on Engaging and Developing Government Employees (EDGE), a Saskatchewan cross government wide initiative to enhance the learning and development opportunities for public service employees. The selection was made by Executive Management Committee (EMC), which consists of Deputy Minister (DM) and Assistant Deputy Ministers (ADMs). Futhermore, I am also on the 5 member committee to implement the LEAN in our ministry. Implementation of LEAN tools will not only increase the day-to-day work efficiency in the functioning of the ministry but will also provide standard documentation on some of the key procedures. I believe getting admission and graduating from LUMS was the pivotal point in my life. I can divide my life into the pre-LUMS era which was characterised by worries, fears and instability and the post-LUMS era which is all about growth, development and progress on many levels.