Muhammad Salar Khan

Muhammad Salar Khan

BSc (Honors) Politics & Economics
Passing Year: 

I am very fortunate to have been born in a family that had inclination towards education. Therefore, a friend of mine in Islamia College made me attend the National Outreach Program orientation session. This first encounter was the first push to stimulate me to LUMS.

Majoring in Economics and Politics, to be honest, I was victim of my societal nature. With brilliant minds all around, even in LUMS I always wished to take a path least traversed by. I would do feasibility studies for start-ups, internships at government organizations, and travel across the country and finally as an NOP coordinator would deliver sermons.

Furthermore, with this background I led an automobile startup right after graduation. However, soon I shifted to British Council as a junior expert. On behalf of British Council I was rendering consultancy to the Parliament. I was streamlining, managing and conducting needs assessment exercise of Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

Currently, I am a Graduate student pursuing master’s in public policy, and holding the esteemed Fulbright award, at Oregon State University. Along with my studies, I am working at Oregon Policy Analysis Lab (OPAL) also. Moreover, World Bank recently recognized me as its researcher for one of its projects