Ghazanfar Ali

Ghazanfar Ali

BS Chemistry
Passing Year: 

I started pursuing LUMS after another NOP scholar from our community, Karrar Hussain Jaffar, told me about it while I was still a matric student.

I was very worried about getting admission in LUMS due to financial constraints but then I got admission in the NOP programme due to my strong academic background. That is the point when my dream to create my own future started to become a reality.

The best part about LUMS is that it makes you feel like any other student. Rich or poor, NOP or self-financed, we are all equal. The Institute provides equal opportunities to every student in excelling in their careers and their dreams.

LUMS has changed my perspective about almost every other thing in life. It is not all about the ‘degree’ that you hold after four years, it is all about how you spend those four years, what those years teach you is what counts the most. It has made me realize that if one has the passion and patience for achieving their dreams, there is nothing that can stop him/her from achieving that except himself/herself. If you have a dream, don’t stop just there, that is just the beginning, move on, and make it happen.

I received six fully funded Ph. D. offers from different universities across US when I was in my last semester of my undergraduate studies at LUMS. I have accepted one of the offers and will be joining them next semester for my doctorate studies.

I hope and aim to keep giving back to my community and country in whatever capacity I can and is required.