Aqeel Ahmad

Aqeel Ahmad

Passing Year: 

Aqeel started his BSc Honors degree at LUMS in 2010. He values LUMS for making him more open towards exploring new opportunities as well as proactive towards availing them. This later helped him to land a fulfilling job of a Legal Associate at the Justice Project, Pakistan. He shares his experience at LUMS in the following words: “By taking courses from various streams, LUMS changed the way I thought. To begin with, it made me realize that every picture has two or more sides to it. This realization, in turn, made me understand that my side of the picture does not have to be necessarily true instead people having beliefs and ideals different than mine can be right and should be respected. In my sophomore year, upon realizing my ignorance of various disciplines, cultures and academic fields, I got interested in reading which in my opinion has helped me in understanding and empathizing the people.”

Aqeel participated in the Global Ugrad exchange program hosted by the US Department of State, in 2013 where he got exposure to international standards of education and made his bond grow closer with his fellow Luminites present over there.

He believes that his inquisitive and curious nature has played the most significant role in helping him reach where he is today.  He says “I question a lot and everyone else should too.”

The biggest challenge that he faced in his life was his humble financial background. He shared that till coming to LUMS, he struggled hard with his finances. There were many days, when he did not have enough money to buy himself food and was supported by friends. He later started doing on campus jobs to make things easier for himself. He feels that he has been successful in changing his life and has great aspirations for the future. 

“I have come a long way from a small village in Swabi. I think, I was meant to get here and play my part in making this world a better place. As a lawyer, I want to work towards radically reforming our legal system. Three months before my graduation, I started working with a Human Rights law firm, Justice Project Pakistan which is a pro bono human rights firm working for the rights of the most vulnerable prisoners. I am still working here as a Legal Associate and will continue to serve people in any way possible.”