Monday, February 22, 2016

The LUMS National Outreach Programme (NOP) Centre initiated the first ever LUMS Pre-Semester this year for the NOP freshmen, as well as for students who were recommended for additional facilitation training. The six day training session of 130 students was an amalgam of academic and community integration trainings. The English Language Immersion by LUMS faculty aimed to improve listening, speaking and reading skills with special emphasis on systematic idea organization, analytical thinking, self-assurance, non-verbal communication and tonal variation. The objective of the sessions was to instill confidence and skills needed to survive and function in an English-speaking environment particular to the academic & non-academic sessions at LUMS. 

Along with seamless assimilation into the academic and social culture of LUMS, the sessions conducted by Rabtt specifically focused on conceptual learning and problem solving. Modules on identity and story-telling aimed to foster greater engagement from students whilst sociological imagination and problem solving elements were designed to hone their team building and decision making skills. Day six addressed the ensuing academic and personal challenges the students may face during the 4 years of Undergraduate life. A panel discussion with LUMS graduates provided for a much needed insight into the LUMS culture and the safety nets available within the university setup. The session concluded with a stimulating talk by Omair Rana, a renowned TV and theater actor who has made significant contributions in the field of teaching dramatics art, on achieving success by way of focusing on the process of giving.