Friday, September 2, 2016

LUMS National Outreach Programme Summer Coaching Session (NOP SCS) was held between July 18 and August 01, 2016 and it proved to be a great accomplishment. The event allowed prospective students to experience countless activities ranging from academic classes of English, Mathematics, Basic Sciences, Critical Thinking and Soft Skills Development sessions to extra-curricular activities like the Drama Night, Music and Sports Gala.

To manage the 550+ applicants, along with the NOP Centre; the Session Instructors, Teacher’s Assistants (TA’s) and Volunteers played a productive role. Their endless commitment and untiring efforts made the monumental task possible. Duties performed by the Instructors and TAs, besides teaching their respective subjects included registration and hostel check-in, dorm deputation, management of sports gala and drama night, check out etc. They also acted as TA’s for the Critical Thinking sessions taught by LUMS Faculty.

Their interaction with the prospective students provided for a much needed exposure to social assimilation at LUMS. One of the instructors, said:

Many students blew me away with their brilliance, energy and ambition, but there are some I’m probably never going to forget.”

Another quoted his joy and contentment over the NOP programme:

“It was also very exciting to see how day by day, students were opening up to the environment, breaking various barriers and building bridges.”

While commenting on the caliber of students, one of the instructors said:

At first, I was little worried about how would I be able to cover entire SAT English syllabus in 7 or 8 sessions. But the quality of applicants was superb that it took me no time to make them understand even the most critical concepts within 8 sessions.”

Volunteers were key to the successful running of the NOP SCS 2016. The duties performed by them included, making welcome packs for NOP candidates, data collection and entry, printing of food coupons and students name tags, support in Computer Lab sessions, student registration on check in, and support in check out. They were completely involved and showed astounding dedication in the day to day tasks assigned to them.

Instructors, TA’s and Volunteers alike, were vital in the smooth execution of this daunting task. NOP Centre is highly appreciative of their spirit, dedication and perseverance throughout the Summer Coaching Session 2016.