Monday, February 26, 2018

Temperate weather, scenic roads and picturesque hills are what make our nation’s capital a sight to behold but more importantly it is also home to brilliant students wishing to pursue their dreams of higher education.

LUMS National Outreach Programme (NOP) outreach representatives visited the cities of Rawalpindi, Taxila, Hasanabdal, Panja Sharif and Islamabad where 16 colleges were approached and 1970 students were presented to.

Students were given an overview of LUMS, the NOP Scholarship and instructions on how they can apply. The Q&A sessions gave the opportunity to the students to ask about the programmes offered at LUMS, the benefits of the NOP and the NOP Online Application. Career counselling was also discussed with students, urging them to take paths less travelled and truly pursue their interests.

An exciting initiative was reaching out to the Sikh community in Panja Sahib where the local Gurduwara was visited and students were informed about the NOP. The community was thrilled to discover that there is no quota system at LUMS and that any student clearing the merit requirements can apply and pursue their educational goals.

After this successful outreach, we look forward to getting an array of diverse applications from Islamabad and its surrounding areas.