Monday, February 26, 2018

LUMS National Outreach Programme (NOP) outreach representatives ventured out to search for talented and bright students within interior Sindh. They visited 13 colleges in 5 cities and presented to 955 students.

A special initiate that was taken by the team was to visit cities that were never visited before. These included Ranipur and Gambat.  Meanwhile, the team primarily visited Mirpur Mathelo, Pano Akil and Ghotki. These cities housed small scale colleges that did not appear in the usual methods for searching out educational institutions and coming across them was an excellent opportunity for the team to tap into unexplored potential.

Students were briefed about the NOP scholarship and how they can apply. They were also urged to think about pursuing various fields and discovering their true potential.

Principal Abdul Rahim of the Islamia Public High School, Ghotki congratulated LUMS representatives on the informative session held and stated, “We appreciate the opportunity provided by LUMS NOP and hope that it will prove fruitful for the students of Sindh”. Many parents and teachers had in fact seen the Sindhi NOP newspaper advertisements printed in regional newspapers.