Sunday, February 18, 2018

The city of Sialkot is famous for being the birthplace of renowned visionaries, the home of industrial entrepreneurs and the heart of legendary sweet-making connoisseurs. However, it is also home to ambitious and promising students who the National Outreach Programme (NOP) wishes to reach to induct for the NOP.

NOP representatives visited two colleges where 362 students were reached.  A detailed presentation was given about LUMS and the NOP followed by instructions on how students can apply. Students were extremely enthusiastic about applying and a highly interactive Q&A session ensued where the research-based academics at LUMS were in focus. 

As part of the NOP team’s efforts to reach out to minorities within Pakistan, NOP representatives also met with officials from the Christian Business Association in Sialkot, a consortium of 42 companies that represents Christian entrepreneurs within the city. After hearing about the NOP and its objective of promoting higher education in Pakistan, Mr. John Peter remarked, “We are extremely impressed with the efforts of the LUMS NOP and we pledge to spread awareness of the Programme within our business community.”

NOP representatives were also invited to an honourary lunch by the office of the MPA of Sialkot, Mr. Zulfiqar Ghauri. They too were deeply appreciative of the NOP’s objective of reaching out to all talented yet underprivileged students of Pakistan and vowed to join hands in disseminating the word amongst their electorate.