Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Every year the National Outreach Programme (NOP) team visits cities across Pakistan as part of their Outreach. These Outreach visits spread awareness about the NOP Scholarship as well as encourage students to apply to the annual NOP Summer Coaching Session. From October 7-12, the team, keeping Gilgit as their base, covered a distance of 2,550 kms and visited the cities of Hunza, Sherqilla, Gahkuch and Skardu. During the trip they visited 11 colleges and reached out to more than 400 talented students.

Information sessions were held and students were guided about the programmes offered at LUMS, the NOP Scholarship, and how to submit applications for the annual NOP Summer Coaching Session. The sessions were interactive, giving the students a chance to ask important questions about the coaching session as well as the opportunities available to them as once they are admitted to LUMS. A highlight of the sessions was when students recognised their seniors who had eventually made it to LUMS after being selected for the NOP Summer Coaching Session.

Ms. Rozina Sultana, Principal at the Hunza Public School and Degree College praised the session and hoped to motivate her students to apply. Ms. Nasreen, Vice Principal at the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Gilgit stated that holding such sessions was extremely fruitful for her students. Lt. Col. Waheed Anjum, Principal at the Public School & College, Jutial assured he too would encourage his students to avail the opportunities provided by LUMS.

The team was glad to have interacted with an array of talented students who exhibited immense motivation and drive in achieving their higher education goals. The number of promising applications from this region are on the rise and the NOP team has confidence that more bright students from the region will apply this year as well.